Sunday, September 14, 2008

Snow Job: Jack Frost (1996)

I finally got around to getting a hold of this 1996 album -- a side project from The Church's Steve Kilbey and The Go-Between's Grant McLennan. I really enjoyed their first album, 1991's self-titled CD, but I waited until now to get a hold of Snow Job for two reasons: a) it was only available as an import, which meant a high sticker price, and b) I heard it sounded very Church-y, which I wasn't too excited about because I loved The Church in the '80s when they were a great pop-rock act -- I'm not a fan of their work since the '90s . . . too psychedelic. Fortunately, Snow Job isn't too psychedelic. McLennan's pop sensibilities are in there as much as possible. Good stuff if you're a fan of these two songwriter's main bands.
"Cousin / Angel"

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