Friday, February 24, 2012

Maybe I'm Still a Socialist

I just took down a few books on eBay that had views and watchers in the low single digits. I figure if nobody's really interested, might as well give 'em way. Literacy's like herpes -- it's best to pass it on.

Illiterate America

Further proof that the average American hates to read: I had a bunch of books on eBay but just took most of 'em down 'cause they had hardly any views. Each one was $5, which included free shipping, and a lot were in mint condition from fairly popular authors, like Robert B. Parker. Sad, sad, sad.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

best headline of the day

Actually was in Tuesday's New York Times: "A Banker Who Unwinds by Photographing Prostitutes". If the link still works, you'll probably see a different headline. Ah, search engine optimization. . . .


Since I'm moving and downsizing, I found this in one of my trunks. Postmarked April 8, 1994, it came from my college roommate (I graduated in '93). I thought it was witty:

Dear Friends,

It is time once again to gather together in a frenzy of food, booze and debauchery. On Saturday April 30th, there will be a mass gathering at the home of my birth. Festivities will begin at or about 3 p.m. Saturday and will continue through Sunday May 1st, culminating with an eventing with 7 Seconds at City Gardens in beautiful Downtown Trenton. Saturday's festivities will consist of a massive barbecue running the length of the day. Sunday Brunch will consist of fruit juice and aspirin. If you want to attend the 7 Second show, please send $8.00 and your name care of: [[my friend's address]]

Please remember to reserve your weekend for this event for without you, my loyal friends, my like is meaningless.

Fondling Yours,

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fishtown bound

Kinda jazzed. Looks like I'm moving to Philly's Fishtown borough (one subway stop from Center City). I checked out an apartment this morning and put some money down; haven't signed the lease yet. Glad to get out of the suburbs -- it's boring me to drink.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


We all know Obama is a coward
He's a wuss like Moe Howard
Once again no selection
Let's #OCCUPY the election!