Saturday, May 28, 2016


On the 1% chance Trump wins in November, I've been reading Christopher Hibbert's biography on Mussolini, because a couple pundits I trust predict a Trump presidency would be less like Hitler and more like the Italian fascist.

Anyway, there are a couple quotes that cracked me up because they're so absurd, despite the horrible history of WWII.

In the "Diplomat" chapter, section 4, p. 109, an Italian ambassador complains to the Germans about lack of openness on the Nazi's aggression plans, a Nazi diplomat says that decisions "were still locked in the Führer's impenetrable bosom."

Later in that same chapter's section, p. 112, Mussolini is bitching about the Germans: "Give them enough sausage, butter, beer, and a little car and they won't worry about sticking their bayonets into people."

Speaking of Nazis, I would argue that the current state of American/European neoliberalism is a distant second to the Third Reich, with our history of slavery and Native American genocide. Plus, capitalism exploits the worst aspects of human nature: cut-throat competition, wasting of natural resources, and the rewarding of greed. Not to mention that in a couple hundred years we've treated Mother Earth like shit so that by 2200 we'll probably enter another Dark Ages. Seems like the id of the human race always reigns supreme and leaves devastation as its legacy.