Saturday, May 28, 2011

marriage = capitalism

I'm sure some philosopher has come up with this already, but I wonder if when the next economic model comes down the line, will marriage still be popular as it today. Because capitalism is all about ownership and monogamy is having someone all to yourself.

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LilMonk said...

Marriage at some levels used to be about ownership, ensuring that the woman was indeed having the man's child (for linage etc.), and also for having the right to access the "property." However that is no longer true. Marriage is not a binding contract.

Marriage has become a public display of the love two people share. The "wedding" event for some is just a way of feeling self important, but the continuation of a happy marriage is about love not capitalism. Besides, many people put off marriage due to the economic stresses of capitalism.

It is, however, worth noting that
studies have shown that the biggest event in terms of seemingly impacting the significance of marriage is the Birth Control Pill.