Friday, November 7, 2008

Grand Buffet: "Oh My God You're Weird" (2003)

I saw these guys a few years ago here in Philly at the First Unitarian Church. I forget who they opened for, but they played after Mac Lethal.

Grand Buffet are interesting pair. The guy who writes their music looks like an out-of-shape football player, and the main rapper has red hair and a beard that makes him look like a Pharisee. When I saw them, the main rapper wore a skin-tight Talking Heads T-shirt, and he was really funny between songs. At one point he extemporized that the reason the government sends 18-year-olds over to Iraq is because that's the age when you're the smartest you'll ever be. Yes, he was being sarcastic.

This song is probably the most popular one in their catalog, which is saying something because they also have great tunes like "Murderfuck" and "Americus (Religious Right Rock)", the latter a pro life song that mocks crazy Christians.

"Oh My God You're Weird"

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