Saturday, November 1, 2008

NOFX: "Dinosaurs Will Die" (2000)

My friend Kevin didn't get a chance to go to that NOFX show I mentioned yesterday; he asked me to write a review. It's been almost two weeks, so let's see what I can remember.

Of course, besides the great music, what's awesome about a NOFX show is the banter of vocalist/bassist Fat Mike and guitarist/trumpeter El Hefe. Here are some of the stuff they said that I laughed at:

Fat Mike: "El Hefe's been doing shots of Michelob all night."

Fat Mike: "Paddy (from opening act Dillinger Four) was really funny tonight, probably the funniest he's been on the whole tour."
El Hefe: "Yeah, not funny ha-ha. Funny queer."

Fat Mike: "We have about sixteen good songs. Tonight we played about eight of them."

All right, that's enough of that. Because comedy's all about the delivery, those jokes aren't half as funny as they were at the show.

Here's the set list from what I can remember:
"Dinosaurs Will Die"
"Murder Will Government" (with new intro of "I want Jenny and Barbara to serve in Iraq / I want to see the White House filled with blacks / I want George Bush to suck Barack's dick")
"Seeing Double at the Triple Rock"
"Eat the Meek"
"Bottles to the Ground"
"Leaving Jesusland"
"Kill All the White Man"
"The Brews"
"Whoops I OD'd"

And since it was an all-ages show and a Monday night, they were trying to get off the stage by 11 p.m. Fat Mike's a bit of a babbler between songs, so the drummer, Smelly, around 10:45 started hitting an alarm when he thought Mike was talking too much. You could barely hear it; it sounded like a car alarm. Funny stuff.

"Dinosaurs Will Die"

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