Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jack Frost: "Thought I Was Over You" (1991)

Jack Frost was a side project of The Church's Steve Kilbey and The Go-Betweens' Grant McClennan. They only did two albums. This album was the better one, I say. I still dig this song -- love the storytelling imagery.

"Thought I Was Over You"


Rolled out of bed on Wednesday morning around eight. The plan for the day was to do pretty much nothing in the hopes that I could kick this coughing cold.

Feeling lazy, I did breakfast in the hotel at their little restaurant, Brasserie (of course, I keep pronouncing it like brassiere). I ordered bacon, hash browns and freshly squeezed orange juice. Even though the bacon set off a five-minute coughing jag, it was awesome. The bottom half of each strip looked like a slice of Christmas ham.

Afterwards, I headed to the local pharmacy (Aussies call them Chemists). It was a little upscale, but the woman behind the counter helped me out by hooking me up with a bottle of Robitussen.

Back at the hotel, I chilled for a little bit, fooling around online and on my laptop.

For lunch, I ate at a local mall. I got a barbecue wrap with mushrooms and onions. Washed it down with some apple guava juice. Mmmmmm. . . .

I spent the rest of the afternoon working on my fiction.

For dinner, I walked up the road perpendicular to the hotel, Toorak Road. Lots of shops and eateries on there. I eventually settled on a Mexican restaurant. I ordered some chicken contraption in a crusty covering with a tiny salad, a pile of rice and the restaurant's answer to baked beans. Every was good, but I didn't finish the beans -- tasted too pasty. Oh, and I had some type of flavored tea for my throat.

It was around 8:30 p.m. when I got back to the hotel. I showered, shaved and brushed my chompers, then watched a couple Doctor Who episodes on my laptop. I crashed at 11. I'll do touristy things tomorrow. Honest engine! (Pay no attention the crossed fingers behind my back!!!)

A couple blocks of the hotel. Kinda cool how this street is spelled like my last name (or "birth name" as they say down here), but with an e.

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