Friday, December 5, 2008

Love of Diagrams: "Ms. V. Export" (2007)

Today, let's do an act a little more recent and active. I think this trio are out of New Zealand. Pretty good album. They have that circa 1980 vibe going on but they don't sound too retro, I say. Love the bass line in this song.

"Ms. V. Export"


All right, it's now about noon on Saturday. Here's what I did yesterday:

After getting up at 5 a.m., I went down to the local convenience store and got a bowl of cereal (Coca Puffs). After breakfast, I leafed through my Frommer's Australia travel book, then did my two hours of fiction-writing followed by an hour or so of checking my email and checking some sites.

For lunch I went down to the same mall again (Martin's Place). I had a veggie burger (lots of lentils in it) with "chips", which were actually fries. Mmmm, tasty.

After lunch I headed back to the hotel and read two newspapers: the hotel's complimentary Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian, which I bought. Good stuff. The former informed me about some music festival going on Saturday. Australia's awesome electronic act, Cut Copy, are playing. May have to go to that.

In the late afternoon I went to a place called Hyde Park. Beautiful (picture below).

A few blocks from Hyde Park, I hit a little take-out place for a personal pizza. It's not like in the States where the toppings are on top -- here, this place stuffed it. I got salami and extra cheese. Pretty good. And the lady who took my order was nice. Said she's been in Australia for 24 years. Originally from Cambodia.

After dinner, I tried going to the movies to see Australia. I wouldn't see it back in Philly, but it's -- not surprisingly -- well received down here and I figure it would be cool to view it with an Aussie audience. But I couldn't find the theatre and it was getting late, so I just bought some souvenirs; one was a little a koala bear for my year-old goddaughter. Hope she likes it.

Back at the hotel, I showered and shaved (no shitting today, thank you very much). I watched an episode of Burn Notice and crawled in bed a little after 11, since I'm still fighting this cold relapse.

At Hyde Park. Love how this Xmas tree is neighbours with palm trees. Outstanding!!!

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