Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pseudo Echo: "Love an Adventure" (1987)

This funk band basically only had one album, which their record company rereleased after it originally came out to include the cover "Funkytown". Still a good album, if you like that cheesy 80s sound. This song seems fitting, beings I'm 10,000 miles away from home.

"Love an Adventure"


On Saturday I rolled out of bed around 8 in the morning. I was running low on cash so I popped in to the ATM on the same block as the hotel. It's one of those where you swipe your card to get inside. I got my money, then that's when there was a problem. When leaving, the glass doors are motion-activated. I got through the first set of doors fine, but the second set wouldn't open. I tried opening with my hands, but they wouldn't budge -- and nobody was in the bank, since it was closed. Luckily a girl came by soon to get some cash from the ATM. She swiped her card on the outside of the building, and the doors opened. I told her what happened. She wisely went elsewhere to get her money.

The rest of the morning I revised my Young Adult novella, Block Party, and hopped on the Internet for an hour.

For lunch I went around the corner to a Chinese restaurant. I got Tasmanian scallops and snow peas in a special sauce. It was scrumptious! The meal came with white rice and Chinese hot tea. The former tasted better than any in the States, and the latter soothed my coughing throat.

Afterwards I went shopping down on Georges Street -- lots of stores down there. At the Virgin Music Store I got the first series of the Australian comedy Kath & Kim. At a bookstore I got a book on kangaroos for my five-year-old nephew and a history on Australia for myself. At a souvenir store I got a soccer winter hat for my three-year-old nephew. And I was looking for Xmas cards in bulk, but all I saw were ones where you got four different cards in each box; I'm looking for the same card in bulk . . . maybe I'll wait to I'm in Melbourne to get that.

By Georges Street is a monorail, so I hopped on that, then jumped on a tram. The monorail was cool 'cause it hits all of the main tourist attractions in the city, except the Opera House. The tram was pretty lame 'cause it's mainly a commuter service, though it was kinda cool near the end: it went out to some suburbs where you see all of these homes with palm trees in their front yards. When I got back to Georges Street, I felt nauseous and a little light-headed, probably from not eating for several hours and all that motion.

When I got back to the hotel I was wiped out. I lied down and watched some Doctor Who on my laptop. There were a few things I could've done (go to the Opera House for an 8 p.m. classical music performance, go to a music festival where Cut Copy were headlining, or go to a recommended restaurant in my Frommer's Australian 2007 book). But I was so tired from this coughing cold. I guess doing all this running around hasn't given my body much chance to fight it, despite sleeping nine hours a night. Maybe I'll feel better tomorrow.

This exotic bird was outside the rear exit of the hotel. Won't find feathered friends like this in Philly!

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